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A Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly Soil Amendment That Is Essential For Efficiency
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As water availability becomes scarce, conservation of the earth’s precious water supply is extremely critical. Until now, industries that depend on water have relied on precipitation and irrigation, but what if you could enhance and supercharge water to last up to twice as long?

Plant roots are greedy, always demanding water and nutrients. Unfortunately, water and nutrients are not always available when plant roots are thirsty. Soil2O® has the power to absorb water and nutrients within the soil. Once the water and nutrients has been absorbed, Soil2O® then slowly releases them where plants need it most - at the roots.

Safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

Compatible with all types of soil and vegetation.
Reduce Irrigation Needs
Save both water and money by reducing 30-50% if typical irrigation needs.

Reduce Evapotranspiration
Produce strong, healthy plants and lawns by holding water at the roots.

Compatible with Fertilizers
Works with all fertilizers, as well as pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and nematicides.
Reduce Leaching
Retain moisture and valuable nutrients at the root level.

Reduce Plant Shock
Provide moisture during transplanting and transporting.

Helps aerate compacted soils, allowing sandy soil to retain water and nutrients.
  • Michael Carbonaro
    I believe these products will revolutionize the way we think about landscape in the future. Soil₂O products are perfect for the professional as well as the home owner. I have worked with other types of products for 15 years; Soil₂O's performance and effectiveness is well ahead of the competition.
    Michael Carbonaro
    ProGreen Lawn Spray - Stuart, FL

Soil2O® Granular
Granular is ideal for seeding, sodding, and sprigging, as well as planting trees and shrubs. The granules may be broadcast or drop spread and should be tilled a few inches into the soil prior to seeding, sodding, sprigging or planting. When applied in this manner, Granular will remain effective for three to five years while retaining its re-wetting ability. Granular should not be used as a top dressing on existing turf.

Soil2O® Granular provides a continuously available water reservoir so water and nutrients are available to the plant root zone uniformly and completely.

Has a quick re-wetting ability while in the soil and also has the ability of repeated water absorption and release over a long period of time.
Soil2O® Granular swells into gel particles when water is introduced into the soil and turf, hydrating quicker than other polymers.

Plant roots are able to grow directly through the granulated gel particles and take up water and nutrients.

Use Ratio Existing Sodding Transplanting or Seeding
Soil2O® Granular
Use Ratio (US)
Per 1,000 Sq. Ft
N/A High 1.15 - 2.30 lbs.
Low 0.45 - 1.15 lbs.
2 - 3 lbs.
Soil2O® Granular
Use Ratio (Metric)
Per 93 Sq. Meters
N/A High 0.52 - 1.04 kg.
Low 0.20 - .52 kg.
1.04 kg.

Container Size Soil2O® Granular Use Ratio (US) Soil2O® Granular Use Ratio (Metric)
1 gallon 0.375 ounces 10.6 grams
3 gallon 0.5 ounces 14.2 grams
7 gallon 0.88 ounces 24.9 grams
15 gallon 2 ounces 57 grams
20 gallon 2.88 ounces 82 grams
30 gallon 4 ounces 113 grams
60 gallon 8 ounces 226 grams

Soil2O® Granular Products
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Soil2O® Topical
Soil2O® Topical is a proprietary fine particle powder blend for demanding environments that maintains a specific balance between gel blocking and swell-ability. Topical easily mixes with water and offers no risk of plant burn, allowing it to be spread on golf courses and various turfs with all types of commercial spray rigs.

Topical gets down under the thatch layer and helps to supply plants and turf with water and nutrients where they need it most, at the roots.

Compatible with fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and nematicides, as well as various grasses, plants, and soil structures.

Reduces labor and maintenance costs associated with irrigation.

Can be used with timed-release fertilizers to maximize plant and turf growth.
Lasting hydration for stressed, dry, and poorly irrigated areas; bunker faces, landscape beds, roadsides and deep root treatments for trees.

Compatible with all types of commercial spray equipment. Will not clog nozzles when mixed properly.

Allows for turf and plant growth in extremely hot and dry climatic conditions.

Does not harden or leave a sticky residue after use and easily rinses with water.
Use Ratio Existing Sodding Transplanting or Seeding
Soil2O® Topical
Use Ratio (US)
Per Acre
(43,560 Sq. Ft.)
5 lbs. with 100 gal.
of Water / Acre
5 lbs. with 100 gal.
of Water / Acre
5 lbs. with 100 gal.
of Water / Acre
Soil2O® Topical
Use Ratio (Metric)
2.3 kg with 3.8 hl of
Water / 0.40 hectare
2.3 kg with 3.8 hl of
Water / 0.40 hectare
2.3 kg with 3.8 hl of
Water / 0.40 hectare

Soil2O® Topical Products
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