A Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly Soil Amendment That Is Essential For Efficiency
GelTech Solutions® is committed to creating and finding effective solutions for common problems. We are dedicated to environmental preservation; therefore, all of our highly-diversified products are developed around proprietary, eco-friendly compounds. The Soil2O® brand of products was created to provide cost-effective solutions capable of efficient and healthy plant growth, dust suppression, and erosion control. Soil2O® brand products are the most effective and eco-friendly products for water conservation and healthy plant growth.

Soil2O® brand products are categorized into three groups:

Soil2O Product Line
Erosion & Dust Control
Soil2O® Soil Cap

Applications: Liquid concentrate; Surface Application | Long Term No-traffic Areas & Stockpiles
Soil2O® Erosion Control Products:
Soil2O® Soil Cap Liquid concentrate; no traffic areas & stockpiles More ›
Soil2O® Dust Control

Applications: Dry concentrate; Surface Application | High-traffic Areas
Soil2O® Dust Control Products:
Soil2O® Dust Control Dry concentrate; dust suppression for high traffic areas More ›
Soil2O® Dust Control Equipment & Systems:
Soil2O® Eductor Systems High-volume aluminum eductor required for mixing Soil2O® into gel More ›

Agriculture, Turf & Timber
Soil2O® Granular

Applications: Drop-spread Granules | New Installations / Transplanting
Soil2O® Granular Products:
Soil2O® Granular Drop-spread granules; seeding, sodding, sprigging, planting & transplanting More ›
Soil2O® Topical

Applications: Dry concentrate; Surface Application | Existing Vegetation
Soil2O® Topical Products:
Soil2O® Topical Dry concentrate; surface application for existing vegetation More ›

Homeowners & Consumer
Soil2O® Home Lawn Care

Applications: Dry concentrate; Surface Application | Reduce Water Usage by up to 50%
Soil2O® Homeowner & Consumer Products:
Soil2O® Home Lawn Care Kit Home Lawn Care Starter Kit | Refill Packs Available for Purchase More ›